اندر کا ڈر/خوف Motivational Session Shaykh Atif Ahmed Al Midrar Institute
In this motivational session, Shaykh Atif Ahmed discusses how fear is integrated into our system and how fear reflects in every decision we make throughout our life. Fear is a natural part of the human makeup and a powerful source to reach your limits. Fear is also a blessing from Allah SWT as it stops us from making bad decisions and it limits our rudeness. There are 2 personalities inside every person and they battle every single day, the first one is the leader and the status which Allah SWT has born us with and the second one is the fearful one and that will limit you from everything and it will tell you that you are not good enough and if you do not have a degree, corporate job, companies, cars, mansions then you’re a failure and you’ve done nothing in your life.
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